About ThaiPlastic Recycle Group Co., Ltd.

ThaiPlastic Recycle Group Co., Ltd. began as a family business in 2002. As the company grew, it was registered as a legal entity under the name Thai Plastic Recycling Group Co., Ltd. in 2015.

Starting from the initial business of PET plastic bottle recycling, we purchase used water bottles throughout Thailand and import them for a proper, modern, clean, high-quality, and standardized recycling process with safe production systems. Our factory is located in Kratumban District, Samut Sakhon Province, which can purchase up to 30,000 tons of PET plastic bottles per year, or equivalent to 1.5 billion bottles per year, to produce high-quality Plastic Flakes products (rPET & PET FLAKES) and CAP FLAKES (rHDPE Flakes, rPP Flakes) that meets the standard. This can meet the continuously growing market demand.

ThaiPlastic Recycle Group management team is committed to the importance of customer feedback in developing product quality to meet customer satisfaction. Our customer groups are synthetic fiber manufacturers (fiber, yarn, heat insulation, and water filter), PET strap manufacturers, PET sheet manufacturers, PET box manufacturers. The company is dedicated to developing and opening up new markets with customers to achieve the company's goal of "increasing the value of recycled products to be on par with new plastic pellets"

With our company's philosophy and determination to develop plastic pellets of good quality to customers, we emphasizes and gives importance to every production process from sourcing raw materials, separating impurities, cleaning, to packaging for distribution. This is to create confidence that plastic pellets produced from the company's factory must be of high quality, standard, and meet the needs of consumers the most.

Over the past two decades, ThaiPlastic Recycle Group has continuously developed our technology, as well as modernized our machinery and production processes to be efficient and up-to-date, in order to create a systematic approach. We also has a quality control system in place to ensure that the products meet the required standards, which has gained the trust and confidence of both domestic and international customers.

We are committed to conducting business in an environmentally friendly manner, with a focus on driving the Circular Economy dimension of the BCG Model of the government's economic policy. This involves reusing resources to create new product value and adhering to a business approach that is responsible to the environment, society, and good governance, in order to develop our organization towards long-term sustainability.

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