Vision & Mission

Vision, Mission And Values of Thai Plastic Recycle Group Co., Ltd.

Thai Plastic Recycle Group Co., Ltd.

Vision & Mission


No.1 in total recycle PET bottle with standard and be accepted among ASEAN.


Satisfy customers with product and service excellence in a friendly atmosphere.

Thai Plastic Recycle Group Co., Ltd.



Offers career advancement for employees.

Build relationships with partners.

Increase the value of recycling.

Company Values


Respectful and courteous towards customers and colleagues. Both inside and outside the company.

Merge Into One

Collaborative work as a team to achieve goals and make people happy at work.

Be Considerate to Customers

Understand buyers, sellers and all stakeholders. Always give sincere service.

Pursuit of Excellence

Complete the tasks perfectly. Keep learning from good examples and applied to the organization.

ThaiPlastic Recycle Group won THAILAND TOP SME AWARDS 2022 for Supporting the Circular Economy of the Year align with government's BCG Model policy.

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